• How Do You Know If Your Cat's Tail Is Broken And How Should You Treat It?

    Getting stepped on, getting caught in a closing door, and getting into a fight with another cat are all ways that cats can break their tails. While a broken tail can be painful, minor fractures low down on a cat's tail often heal on their own. Unfortunately, injury near the base of a cat's tail can lead to debilitating nerve damage. If your cat has been injured and you think their tail may be broken, read on to learn about the common signs of a broken tail and what you should do.
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  • Should You Invest in Pet Grooming for Your Short-Hair?

    Do you have a short hair dog, a cat, or another animal? Does this mean you don't have to worry about investing in pet grooming? If you have a short hair pet, it may seem easy to just give your pet a brushing now and then to keep them looking nice, and pet grooming may not seem necessary. The reality is this: your pet will like to be groomed now and again, and a pet grooming specialist can help your critter look and feel their very best.
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