Should You Invest in Pet Grooming for Your Short-Hair?

Posted on: 28 March 2022


Do you have a short hair dog, a cat, or another animal? Does this mean you don't have to worry about investing in pet grooming? If you have a short hair pet, it may seem easy to just give your pet a brushing now and then to keep them looking nice, and pet grooming may not seem necessary. The reality is this: your pet will like to be groomed now and again, and a pet grooming specialist can help your critter look and feel their very best.

Here are reasons why you should invest in pet grooming for your short hair canine, feline, rabbit, or other pet. Grooming costs vary and depend on several factors, with time being the most important one for costs in many situations. Some pet grooming specialists charge a flat fee for their services.

Your pet will still shed

Unless your pet is a non-shedding breed or species, it will still shed, no matter how short its hair is. Only a hairless pet is entirely free of shedding, and these pets may still have some hair to shed periodically. Shedding is a natural part of the fur and hair cycle, especially during changing seasons where coats become thicker and thinner depending on weather needs. So, for this reason, it is wise to have pet grooming done periodically on your short hair pet.

Your pet will feel better

Good pet grooming does more than make the coat look great: it stimulates the oil glands in your pet's skin to help keep their skin free of flaking and dryness. Pet grooming feels good and gets loose hair and skin moving so your pet can feel more comfortable and have a shinier, healthier coat to enjoy grooming themselves. Your pet grooming specialist may even be able to recommend a cleansing shampoo and pet oil to help keep your pet's skin and coat looking great between grooming.

Your pet will be healthier

Pet grooming often is what leads to discovering ticks and other parasites, scratches and sores, and infectious areas of the skin. Even if your pets don't go outside, your short hair critter may have some skin issues your pet grooming specialist can find as part of their routine groom and cut. Your pet will enjoy feeling healthier and happier when they get their grooming done.

Have pet grooming done periodically or as often as you can afford to schedule it in. Your short hair pet will appreciate and benefit from the added care you provide for them.