Talking About Pet Grooming

Three Things Pug Owners Need To Know About Overcrowded Teeth

27 Jul

There are many health problems that can affect your adorable pet pug, including overcrowded teeth. If your pug’s teeth are overcrowded, the teeth may be rotated or slanted inside the mouth; this situation can pose many problems for your furry friend. Here are three things pug owners need to know about overcrowded teeth. Why do […]

3 Dog Supplements To Improve Your Dog’s Health

25 Jul

Responsible pet owners are always looking for ways to make sure that their dogs are as healthy and as happy as possible for as long as possible. This often leads to dog owners looking for the best products to boost their dog’s health, such as nutritional supplements that can be used to help with everything […]

Seeking A Reptile For Your Child’s Next Pet? What Are Your Best Options?

19 Jul

If your child has recently expressed interest in adding a reptile to your family’s pet collection, you may be nervous about the different health and habitat needs of a cold-blooded creature. Fortunately, there are several hardy reptiles whose needs are simple enough for a child to handle while still providing interaction and companionship. Read on […]

What To Do When You Find A Lost Or Abandoned Animal

13 Jul

Many people have come across a lost or abandoned animal at some point in their lives. You may be confused when it happens to you. Should you simply call animal control or try to catch the animal yourself? The answer, of course, depends on the circumstances. Before you act, evaluate the situation clearly and calmly. […]

Four Health Tips To Help Indoor Cats Live The Good Life

03 Jul

Most vets will recommend that cats stay indoors if at all possible for health reasons. Indoor living can be healthier for your cat, but there still can be a few health-related issues that an indoor cat might face. Here are four health tips that can make your indoor cat’s lifestyle healthier and happier. 1. Make […]