Looking For A Puppy? Tips For Online Puppy Adoption

Posted on: 11 October 2022


If you've been searching local shelters for the perfect puppy, it's time to shop online. You might not realize it, but you can adopt puppies from online sources. Most of these puppies are available through animal rescue programs. If you're ready to try online puppy adoption, now's the time to start the process. If you're not sure how to move forward, read the list provided below. You'll find four tips that will help ensure a happy online puppy adoption. 

Get Lots of Pictures

If you're going to adopt a puppy from an online source, be sure to ask for lots of pictures. Full-facial pictures aren't enough for you to get a good read of their personality. This is especially true for posed pictures. Instead, try to get pictures of your puppy in action. Include pictures of your puppy playing with toys and interacting with people. If you have small children or other pets, try to get pictures of those types of interactions as well. 

Meet Puppy Online

If you want to get to know your puppy before you adopt, be sure to schedule an online visit. Online visits give you the chance to meet your puppy face-to-face before you complete the adoption. It also allows you to watch your puppy interact with others. That way, you understand their temperament before they're delivered to you. 

Ask for Vet Records

If you're ready to do an online puppy adoption, make sure you ask for vet records. In most cases, vet records will come with your puppy. But, you don't want to wait that long to learn about your puppy. Before you finish the adoption, ask for a copy of the vet records. This should include their vaccination history and spay or neuter status. If your puppy has medical issues, get those records too. You can use these records to arrange for veterinary care with a vet near you. This is especially important if your puppy has any medical problems. You'll need to start treatment right away. 

Ensure Delivery

If you want to adopt a puppy online, don't forget to ask about delivery options. If the adoption service will arrange delivery, be sure to get tracking information. If you'll be arranging transportation, be sure to choose a service that has experience with live animal shipments. That way, you know your puppy will arrive safe and sound.

For more information, contact a local company, like Pup and Owner.