Reasons To Buy A Cockapoo Puppy

Posted on: 9 January 2023


There are so many popular dog breeds that it's hard to choose the right one. If you have the chance to purchase a Cockapoo puppy, you should consider all of their positive characteristics, as they make a great pet for most families. They're a mix between Cocker Spaniels and Poodles, and they inherit the best features of both breeds. 

You Know How It Will Look Grown Up

Since Cockapoos are so popular, you know what to expect when they grow up. They come in different sizes but will always be small to medium-sized. You can also get a good idea of what they'll look like simply by looking at other Cockapoos, something that you can't do with dogs that are mixes of many different breeds. 


One of the biggest reasons people choose to get Cockapoo puppies is their cuteness. They're one of the cutest dogs you can find, and you'll have a general idea of how they'll look as adults based on their genetics. If you're a dog lover, you likely think all dogs are cute, even the quirky ones, but Cockapoos are cute in a more general way, with most people agreeing they're an attractive breed. 


Poodles are brilliant dogs, and those good genetics are passed down to Cockapoos. It's great having an intelligent dog because they're easier to train, will be better behaved, etc. You'll be glad you chose an intelligent breed when your house doesn't get destroyed as it might with other breeds. 


A key characteristic most pet owners want their dogs to have is friendliness. When you have visitors or the dog is around young kids, you want to feel comfortable that your dog won't act erratically or bite anyone. Luckily, Cockerspanials are well-behaved, and that friendly nature gets passed on to Cockapoos, so you can expect them to be gentle and loving towards everyone.  

Knowing Their Bloodline

Buying a hybrid puppy is much wiser than getting a mix of many breeds because you can know who their parents are and what to expect from their genetic makeup. When you buy a dog that's a mix of multiple breeds, you won't know what disease, bad behaviors, etc., they're likely to inherit. However, when you buy a hybrid — especially one that's been popular for so many years — you know what behaviors they often develop and can even attempt to combat any diseases they're prone to acquiring as they age.