The 4 Biggest Benefits of Sending Your Dog to Doggy Daycare

Posted on: 24 February 2017


If you've never taken your dog to a doggy daycare, the idea may seem strange. You probably think of kennels and boarding facilities as places you use when you go out of town—not when you're just going to work for the day. But while it is not exactly necessary to put your dog in doggy daycare during the day, there are some benefits to doing so—at least every once in awhile.

He'll get more exercise.

Exercise is as important for dogs as it is for humans. Without enough, your dog will be at risk of diabetes, heart problems, and obesity. When you're at work, your dog probably does not get enough exercise. Chances are, he is spending his days curled up on the couch or in the kennel rather than running around. When he's in doggy daycare, however, he will get plenty of exercise running around with the other dogs and trainers.

He'll get to socialize.

It's important for dogs to regularly interact with other dogs in order to build and maintain their social skills. While your dog can have some of this type of interaction at a dog park, it's usually for a limited time and in a very controlled setting. At doggy daycare, he'll get to meet other dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. This will make him easier to handle when you run across other dogs on your walks.

He'll be used to the facility when you do leave town.

Most doggy daycares also offer longer-term boarding services. When you leave town and leave the dog in a kennel, this can be stressful for him if the kennel is a brand new environment or one he only experiences when you go away. However, if he is used to visiting the kennel once a week or so for doggy daycare, he'll take the experience in stride and have a much better time when you're away.

He'll be better behaved later on.

When your dog spends the majority of the day cooped up while you're at work, he is bound to be a bit cagey and goofy when you get home. Sometimes by the time you get him calmed down, it's already time for bed. When your dog spends the day at doggy daycare, he'll have time to get all of the sillies out during the day. So you'll come home to a calm, relaxed, well-exercised dog who is ready to relax on your lap or by your side for the evening.

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