Tips For Making A Trip To The Vet With Your Cat A Stress Free Experience

Posted on: 28 July 2016


If you are a cat owner, you probably hate having to get your beloved pet ready for a trip to the veterinarian. In fact, 58 percent of cat owners believe that their felines hate going to the vet. However, vet visits are inevitable if you want to make sure your cat stays healthy as long as possible and gets the care it needs when medical problems arise. So, if you want to lessen the stress of getting your cat prepared for a vet visit, even when it is an emergency and you do not have much time, heed the following suggestions.

Make Sure You Have the Right Type of Carrier

There are tons of pet carriers to choose from on the market. You can purchase carriers that open from the front, top or come apart in the middle. The best type of carrier for a cat is one that opens from the top. You can easily place your cat into this type of carrier as opposed to trying to coax the animal into a door on the front.

Also, if the carrier is spacious enough, your vet may be able to complete an exam with the cat still in the carrier. This is ideal if you cat is experiencing a lot of emotional trauma on the vet visit.

Overall, any carrier that you choose should be sturdy and stable with a comfortable handle.

Place the Cat in a Small Room

The last thing you want to do is chase your cat around the house trying to coax the animal into a front-loading carrier. Entice the cat into a small room and close the door. Once inside, you will be able to easily reach for your cat instead of chasing it around to get it into your arms.

Use a blanket to cradle your cat before placing the animal in the carrier. You can also place treats inside the carrier to to see if the cat will go into the device on its own.

Keep Calm and Offer Praise

If your cat begins to show signs of stress like hissing and howling, stay calm. You do not want to add to the animal's stress by providing it with even more reasons to be nervous. Your cat will sense your anxiety and feed off of it.

Talk to your cat in soothing tones during the trip to the vet. If possible, have someone else drive so you can sit by the carrier and help keep the cat calm on the way to the vet.

For a veterinarian, click on this link or do an online search.