Choose A Doggie Daycare For Your Puppy's Daytime Care Requirements

Posted on: 30 November 2020


Adopting a puppy will alter your home living situation, but you also need to be ready to make some modifications during the times that you won't be at home. If you want to start your new relationship on a positive note and don't want to incur separation anxiety issues that are related to you leaving your pet home alone unsupervised, seek a doggie daycare that provides a structured, safe, and comforting atmosphere.

A Structured Schedule

A structured schedule can aid with obedience and ensure that your pet receives plenty of exercise and rest. Sitting alone in a room while unsupervised or not receiving attention on a consistent basis could lead to an animal feeling disengaged and lethargic.

When you initially adopt your puppy, you will probably be enthusiastic about spending as much time as possible with your pet. This is the same type of setup that you should seek through a caregiver. When assessing various doggie daycares in the area, request information about the daily schedule that is followed. Time spent indoors and outdoors and group play that involves interacting with other dogs that are around the same size as your pet can aid in socializing your puppy.

The structured schedule may also benefit you with the personal schedule that you implement at home. If your puppy receives meals at specific times while at the daycare and is accustomed to going outside at a certain hour each day, you can integrate these same activities into the schedule that you follow when you aren't working.

Cleanliness and Control

Clean quarters and control that is demonstrated by the caregivers will provide your puppy with a safe and comfortable area to explore and rest in. You can tell if a daycare facility is being well-maintained, by assessing the scent that greets you when you walk in and by observing the individuals who work there and how they interact with puppies and dogs.

Your first meeting will give you the opportunity to find out about the cleaning measures that are taken, the amount of dogs that each person is responsible for watching, and the manner in which accidents and sicknesses are avoided.

Dogs should be monitored at all times, except when they are sleeping inside of their own resting quarters. Inquire about the amount of time that is designated for resting purposes and the manner in which dietary guidelines are followed, to help you decide if a doggie daycare is right for your pet's needs.